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Teahouse 茶馆服务

Cooperate 合作模式

We offer various cooperation models tailored to your needs, including customized gift box arrangements, beverage recipes, and event planning. Our team is dedicated to creating personalized solutions to meet the specific requirements of you and your customers. Whether it's custom high-end tea gift boxes, developing unique tea beverage recipes, or planning tea culture events, we provide professional support and services to ensure the success of every collaboration project. 


Customize Gift


Tea catering

Tea Education 茶相关教育

Tea education offers a range of learning opportunities, from hobbyist classes on brewing tea to professional training for aspiring tea artists and tea room owner. Beginner courses introduce the basics of tea culture, including selecting tea leaves, basic brewing techniques, and understanding different types of tea. These classes are perfect for those looking to develop a hobby or relax.

For those seeking deeper knowledge, professional training explores tea's history, culture, and aesthetics, covering tea cultivation, processing, tasting, and advanced brewing techniques. Students also learn about tea ceremony setup and the use of tea utensils.

Aspiring tea artists and tea room managers can pursue specialized vocational training, which includes high-level tea artistry, business management, customer service, and marketing. These programs equip students with the skills needed to operate a tea room and promote tea culture professionally.




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