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Hi Tea Malaysia

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Traditional Taste

6 sachets each flavor. Total 12 sachets in 2 box.

1. Aged Pu Er Tea is good for the stomach and qi (气) . This tea can heat an elder person's inner body, gave them enough energy. Also, it is a good match when having Dim Sum!

2. Drinks Traditional Red Tea effective in balancing old people's blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. 

Premium Collector

6 sachets each flavor. Total 12 sachets in 2 box.

1. This is a perfect selection for those parents who love Chinese Tea and explore them as well. Shou Mei is one of the famous Fu Ding White Tea in China. It's a good time to taste the spring in this period. Especially the anti-oxidation function in White Tea was effective. 

2. Silver Tips is elegant and tasty White Tea. It has premium floral notes and long-lasting sweet notes all over the throat.