Tea and Personality

Did you know that different types of people choose different types of tea? And not only does your personality determines which tea you will choose, but it’s scientifically proven that the drink you usually drink may have an effect on your personality too.

Tea or coffee?
We don’t want to go into a never-ending debate – tea or coffee, because it’s actually possible to love both, and incorporate both into your day. Many tea drinkers start their day with coffee and drink at least 2-3 cups of tea later throughout the day. But some regular coffee drinkers may choose to ditch coffee for good and turn to tea because of its numerous benefits and lower caffeine content.
Because tea is still quite new in the western world, with an exclusion of a few western countries with a strong tea drinking culture, switching to tea may indeed require a completely different outlook on life.
So, are tea drinkers really that different from coffee drinkers? Research says yes. One study showed that tea drinkers are highly determined, more than coffee drinkers, and less pessimistic and more persistent than Cola drinkers. Conclusion? Tea drinkers tend to be more mature and adaptive. Sounds interesting? Read further.

Tea and personality traits
The type of tea you prefer may say something about your personality too.

Green Tea
Health-conscious, calm and determined, are some personality traits that may be linked to tea lovers that prefer green tea. Green tea is a favorite tea of active people because it may help boost energy and achieve gym and weight-loss goals faster.

Black Tea
Strong, determined and traditional tea lovers may find black tea to be their favorite type. Black tea is often a choice of busy people that are goal oriented, but conscious of their health too.

White tea
White tea lovers are stylish, sophisticated, care about beauty and simplicity, as well as delicate and gentle flavors. They seek something different and unique, beautiful and healthy at the same time.

Oolong tea
Oolong is reserved for refined people, those that have patience to really understand their tea, and that don’t mind the versatility. This type of tea is a tea that will surprise you, that will have the biggest range of flavors from light and airy to strong and roasted, but can sometimes turn very bitter if not brewed properly.

Pu er tea
Dark Pu er is an acquired taste, but also one of the most expensive teas in the world. Pu er tea drinkers and collectors like quality, value, and pay attention to details. Getting the best pu’erh and being able to truly appreciate it requires patience and long-term commitment.

Flower tea
Flower teas like rose or lavender are often a tea of choice for those always seeking beauty in life, and those that love pampering. Floral teas represent sophistication, style, and individualism.

Herbal tea
Herbal tea often ends up being a tea of choice when you feel anxious, stressed or worried. It’s caffeine free, very easily available and may help you relax.

Flavoured blends
If you love exploring flavored teas, you may be creative and open-minded. Flavored teas are not traditional teas. They are playful, modern, and break the rules in order to achieve something unique.

But there is more....
How you brew and drink tea and do you choose tea bags over whole leaf tea, may say a lot about personality too. It takes a lot of effort, focus, and following the rules to make a perfect cup of tea with whole leaves. Pure whole leaf tea may be a choice of more introverted personalities that find relaxation in spending time alone. On the other hand, iced tea, bubble tea and spiced teas may be a favorite drink of outgoing and communicative tea drinkers.
Tea drinkers that choose whole leaf tea over tea bags tend to be open-minded, persistent and open to leaning. They care about exploring the outside world and tea world, finding beauty and enjoying the life with every sip.

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